Admission and Withdrawal procedure


1. While seeking fresh Admission parents should produce Transfer Certificate from the school where the child last studied, duly signed by the competent authority. Application for admission into any class should be accompanied by Original Birth Certificate and a Medical Certificate certified by a Registered Medical Practitioner.

2. A child seeking admission to Class I should have completed 5 years and 6 months of age on 31st March. The age for admission to other classes shall be reckoned accordingly. Relaxation in age is not permitted. Apart from that, the pupils should have learnt one more language in addition to II language for getting admission to Stds V to VIII.

3. This school will admit pupils from all recognized schools, Central / State on production of T.C. duly certified by competent officer of the Education Department. However in Std IX and X, this school will admit only pupils from Central Schools on production of T.Cs. Pupils are admitted on the basis of the Scheme of school based assessment/Aptitude test.

4. Candidates seeking admission to class XI should have any of the following criteria:-

a. Obtained minimum Grade D in five subjects under Scholastic Area ‘A’ as per the scheme of studies and qualifying Certificate at the Secondary School (Class X) Examination conducted by the CBSE/Senior Secondary affiliated to CBSE.

b. Passed an equivalent examination conducted by any other recognized Board of Secondary Education/Indian University and recognized by CBSE as equivalent to its Secondary School Examination.


1. Application for Transfer Certificate should be given in writing to the Principal by both the parents of the pupil. A minimum of seven days are required for the issue of the Transfer Certificate.

2. Pupil who intends to leave the school should clear all the fee dues to the school before taking the T.C.

3. A student once removed from the roll will be re-admitted only after the payment of re-admission fee of ` 250/- (Rupees two hundred and fifty only) provided there is a seat.