Academic Period

Admission Period : From April to June
Academic Session Period : From April to March
Vacation Period : From May to June 15th

Follows curriculum pattern of C.B.S.E. for STD. I – V.

In Middle School C.B.S.E. based assessment covers all aspects of students development.

The grade based evaluation technique framed on a 5 point structure for the primary classes from Std. IX to X.

CBSE curriculum is followed for Std. XI & XII. The Groups offered are as follows :

Science Stream
Compulsory Subjects English, Physics & Chemistry
Optional Subjects A) Maths/ Core Tamil / Core Hindi / History.
B) Biology / Computer Science.
Commerce Stream
Compulsory Subjects English, Accountancy & Business Studies
Optional Subjects A) Applied Maths/ Core Tamil / Core Hindi / History.
B) Economics / Computer Science
Language Stream
Std I to X I Language English (Compulsory)
Std I to VI II Language (Tamil)
Std VII to X II Language (Hindi / Tamil )
Std V to VIII III Language (Hindi / Tamil )